Hunger strictly from hunger - S. J. PERELMAN

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Last Sunday, in a post called ‘ Who is the Mockingjay? ‘, I put forward a theory that the wife of the District 12 mayor, Mrs. Donner-Undersee was the mastermind-puppeteer behind the Mockingjay story being written within the Capitol’s Hunger Games. Many readers have embraced the idea, at least as many have objected to the theory, and I have spent most of the past week answering questions about and objections to it (see here and here and here and here ). [Thank you to Arabella, JSavant, Ellie, Ally, all my friends at and everyone else who checked in with ideas, comments, and corrections.] My task tonight is to explain the premises of my speculation before rolling out the version of what I believe Arabella first called the “Pearl Plot.”

Hunger Strictly From HungerHunger Strictly From HungerHunger Strictly From HungerHunger Strictly From Hunger