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This is the first conversation I had with Prophet Ezra as he skyped with Associate Minister Kathrynyah and I joined her via telephone. We did not even see one another, and yet GOD ALMIGHTY was already joining our Anointing together as one!

Our purpose is to research and provide in depth and unbiased information about these amazing substances.

Natural healing clay:

Bentonite : Also commonly known as green alkaline healing clay, bentonite is in a class of clays known as smectites. The quality of clay deposits vary, and the mineral content of any given "bentonite" is also quite different depending on the source. Different forms of bentonite may have different properties, such as sodium bentonite , calcium bentonite , and magnesium bentonite .

Earth Wind Fire RaiseEarth Wind Fire RaiseEarth Wind Fire RaiseEarth Wind Fire Raise