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Among whites, Trump won an overwhelming share of those without a college degree; and among white college graduates – a group that many identified as key for a potential Clinton victory – Trump outperformed Clinton by a narrow 4-point margin.

Frank You’re joking right There’s so much fraud in the system you can cut it with a knife It’s rife with fraud everywhere you look I’ve been defrauded more than once and I’m no kid so take your trolling elsewhere would you

In their border areas with Bhutan as well, there has been a pattern of intrusion by Chinese patrols, by Chinese graziers, as also construction of tracks and roads in certain areas which Bhutan claims as its own. In Doklam as well, there have been intrusions for the last several years. But this time, China started constructing a motorable road from Doka La, very close to our post there, to the Royal Bhutanese Army camp at Zompelri. Now this was very materially changing the ground situation. Bhutan pointed out that this construction is in direct violation of agreements of 1988 and 1998, which require China to maintain the status quo.

Prior to Long’s death, leading contenders for the role of the sacrificial 1936 candidate included Idaho Senator William Borah, Montana Senator and running mate of Robert La Follette in 1924 Burton K. Wheeler , and Governor Floyd B. Olson of the Minnesota Farmer–Labor Party . After Long’s assassination, however, the two senators lost interest in the idea, while Olson was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer .

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Landslide Two Sided FantasyLandslide Two Sided FantasyLandslide Two Sided FantasyLandslide Two Sided Fantasy