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The RoVa4D works by extruding separate cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white filaments into a single patent pending hot end where they are blended together and deposited from a single nozzle. This works similarly to your inkjet printer at home except that we also need white filament, since we aren't printing on paper.  This lets you print unlimited colors in a single print. The materials can be printed with a gradient or as hard separations. The printer switches colors by purging the difference in a little bin (just like your inkjet) or to reduce the waist the transition can happen inside the infill area of the print provided that it's large enough. The RoVa4D has 3 separate hot ends.  One is capable of printing in any color, hue, tone, tint or shade. The second one is dedicated to flexible materials like Ninjaflex, and the third one is dedicated to dissolvable support material.  If you want you can switch between all three during a single print. 

Rova As WasRova As WasRova As WasRova As Was