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Following the Battle of the Twin Tunnels on 1 February 1951, the 23rd Regimental Combat Team under the command of Paul L. Freeman, Jr. reached the important crossroads town of Chipyong-ni on 3 February and immediately set up a perimeter defense. [2] Over the next few days, they dug in and were reinforced by artillery, tank, and engineer elements. By February 13, their strength consisted of three infantry battalions; the French Infantry Battalion and First Ranger Company , both attached to the regiment; the 37th Field Artillery Battalion ; Battery B, 82nd Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion ; Battery B, 503rd Field Artillery Battalion ; Company B, 2nd Engineer Battalion (Combat); and a platoon from the 2nd Medical Battalion . In all, Freeman had 4,500 men under his command, including 2,500 front-line infantrymen. [4]

About two dozen people taking part in an anti-fascism protest of the Trump administration, one of several such events held across the country Saturday, were met by more than three times as many counterprotesters at Austin City Hall.

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Various Outnumbered By SheepVarious Outnumbered By SheepVarious Outnumbered By SheepVarious Outnumbered By Sheep