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Jessie - Redhead Wants To Milk The Cock Twice
Another girl that came to me with only goal - to get fucked by my cock. Thats fine by me, my cock was all ready even before she started to suck me off. I kind of wondered why she had her tights torn in the crotch, they looked awful and cheap... but... maybe its a good thing she stayed clothed while she fucked me, her body was not really that pretty I guess. She stayed on the top for most of the time, doing all of the hard work, which was also fine by me, so I just enjoyed her pussy sliding on and off my cock. But sucking and teasing my cock seemed to amuse her more as she kept on stroking me even after my cum sprinkled out of my cock, hitting some of her face as well. She continued for some more, obviously trying to milk me twice. Did she succeed?

Fluid Punch N JudyFluid Punch N JudyFluid Punch N Judy