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Just added: roll for Māori who served in the First World War . This site is dedicated to the men who served with New Zealand’s 28th (Māori) Battalion during the Second World War, and to their whānau and friends. Between 1941 and 1945 the Māori Battalion forged an outstanding reputation on the battlefields of Greece, Crete, North Africa and Italy. This is a fascinating story of spirit and adventure, courage and camaraderie, victory and tragedy. Read more

It's because of Sony! Limiting D2 to 30fps as well, plus no visual enhancements so there is not a superior console version appearing.
That said, I already have the Scorpio on order and I look forward to calling it Hank.

They had their own argot or slang, using words such as ‘darling’, ‘divine’ and ‘bogus’. Men often behaved in a rather camp or effeminate manner, wearing makeup and flamboyant clothes; indeed, although gay and lesbian relationships were against the law in Britain in the 1920s, they were accepted by the Bright Young Things.

Scavenger BattlefieldsScavenger BattlefieldsScavenger BattlefieldsScavenger Battlefields