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The game disc features 45 songs chosen from the 12 original UK albums by the Beatles , the US album Magical Mystery Tour , the 2006 remix album Love and several non-album singles. [8] Though "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and "With a Little Help From My Friends" are considered as two songs, they can only be played back-to-back within the game. All songs except "The End" are playable immediately in Quickplay and other multiplayer modes, while in Career mode, players complete through the songs in a loosely historical order; upon completion of the Career mode, "The End", the mode's final song, becomes available for all other game modes. Regardless of game mode, each song is played in a specific venue. Most venues are based on a historical progression of famous Beatles' performances, including their first appearance on American television on The Ed Sullivan Show and their concert at Shea Stadium . For the Abbey Road venue, each song has a unique "Dreamscape"; the songs start with the Beatles in the studio, then dissolve into the imaginative Dreamscape inspired by the song, finally arriving back at the studio at the end of the song. [9]

Beatles Love SongsBeatles Love SongsBeatles Love SongsBeatles Love Songs