Pic bill all i want is you - Bill O’Reilly: With Trump, Tillerson coverage, the media.

 · Who doesn’t want to be a part of Bill Nye‘s squad? The mechanical engineer and TV presenter was tagged in a photo posted by the Sex Pistols’ lead ...

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WYDEN: This, in my view, very much changes the issue, because now it's about a broken promise. The American people were told again and again and again on the campaign trail: “I am going to make them available when the audit is completed.” And I and others went to great lengths to say that was not required — we made it clear that the IRS said you could release your taxes [while being audited]. But the president's rejoinder was always [that] they would be released after the audit.

Right now, there’s no legislative counterpart to HR 36 in the Senate. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)—of the failed Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill  undermining reproductive health , including  access to affordable birth control — introduced a related bill in 2013 and the version that failed to advance in 2015.  

Pic Bill All I Want Is YouPic Bill All I Want Is YouPic Bill All I Want Is YouPic Bill All I Want Is You