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Designer Brian Patrick Flynn mixes purple walls with luxe velvet and a glamorous four-poster bed for a look that radiates femininity.

The lyrical themes of reflection, emotional revelations, personal growth and fulfillment are underscored on the album by Johnson’s most daring, urgent, progressive and at times raw and fervent guitar work to date. With its sonic immediacy (thanks to a mix by engineering legend Andy Johns) and openhearted musicality and songwriting, Up Close truly lives up to its name as Johnson continues to forge fresh and compelling new dimensions of his artistry.

December 22, 2017. Christmas Special Eric Byrd Trio & Friends Eric Byrd, piano, vocals Bhagwan Khalsa, bass Alphonso Young, Jr., drums Bruce Swain, sax

Sevareid died in 1992—18 years ago. His delivered his last commentary in 1977—a full 33 years ago. Except for those Baby Boomers who spend part of their time looking backward, he is largely forgotten. And to the extent that he is remembered, he is largely remembered as a somewhat stiff, gulping, word-turning, gray eminence, literate to the edge of pretentiousness. In a commentary on the first energy crisis (1973-74) he was reduced to, “The jet set just sits for lack of jets.” In other words, by the end the caricature was in danger of overtaking the commentator. There is a strange disconnect between the anxiously bold young Murrow Boy crouching on the London streets with a microphone during the Blitz and the somber, sedentary, unapproachable Norse god of CBS Evening News .

Eric Johnson TonesEric Johnson TonesEric Johnson TonesEric Johnson Tones