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Around the same time, Ernest Courant , Milton Stanley Livingston , and Hartland Snyder of Brookhaven National Laboratory were considering the same problem and came up with the same solution, writing about it in the 1 December 1952 issue of Physical Review . [3] When he saw the paper, Christofilos quickly arranged a trip to the US, arriving two months later. Making his way to Brookhaven, he angrily accused them of stealing the idea from his patent. He also met with members of the Atomic Energy Commission , and after meeting with his attorneys, they paid him $10,000 for the patent. [4]

The core concept in an Astron environment is a DistributedObject. These represent individual game objects that clients may know of and/or control. Every DistributedObject (or "DO" for short) contains one or more "fields" - simple properties, like the position or appearance of an object - which may be "updated" periodically. DOs are hierarchical: Each DO contains many "zones" (unsigned 32-bit integers) which can contain child DOs. This makes up the basis of the visibility system.

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