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Hydrogen bombs, or thermonuclear bombs , are actually a lot scarier than your run-of-the-mill atomic bombs. They have thermonuclear fuel inside that can be ignited during the first stage, which is still powered by nuclear fission. But “H-bombs” have another trick up their sleeve. They employ a second stage of reactions using nuclear fusion (the force that powers the sun) to basically magnify the destructive force of a typical atomic explosion. As the fusion of deuterium and tritium (types of hydrogen) occurs and atoms link together, they fire off neutrons to create even more destructive power in a chain reaction when they come in contact with the bomb’s uranium layer. If you thought atomic bombs were bad, these things are truly nasty.

I hada good overall experience. There were minimal technical issues. I appreciated that I could go at my own pace. I feel that I have learned something and that I am prepared to enter the work force.

Mac Curtis 12th Of JuneMac Curtis 12th Of JuneMac Curtis 12th Of June