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738 Years later, another Dante was born in Mulazzo. Right below the white marble statue of the poet. It was a dog and predestined to be mine since I expressed my wish to own one of the offspring of his mother Chicca. As it turned out later, his father was the German shepherd named Brutus. So this year, this month, I celebrate Dante’s 12th birthday.

http:///2017/12/2018-new-chapter-   We will continue to follow the headlines and present new research in 2018 and there is a lot of ground to cover. What if 2017 was the last complete Gregorian year before Tribulation events begin to unfold? All of the incredible numbers, patterns, and signs in 2017 were heralding events that may soon be fulfilled. The heavenly signs around Jesus’ first coming didn’t happen all at once and what they heralded took time to occur. There was an announcement, conception, pregnancy, birth, journey of magi, and presentation of the Child in the Temple. The whole course of events took at least a year and, at least to me, the heavenly signs in 2017 still seem utterly convincing and undeniable.

Van Duren Are You SeriousVan Duren Are You SeriousVan Duren Are You SeriousVan Duren Are You Serious