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But, don’t panic. Nobody tests the ends of the hair (except the police, who can do whatever they wish). There is only one standard for this test – inches of hair, cut from the root. The non-root end is discarded. In fact, we recommend that you watch the technician perform the test and ask them to cut off and discard the length beyond the first inches. This ensures that the inches equates to approximately 3 months (give or take) of history.

I recently tested a guy who just got out of prison for 60 days. He came to me because he needed to stay clean or go back to jail. He hadn’t used in prison, or in the one week since he got out, yet he tested positive for marijuana. Shocked, I asked him to tell me the honest truth. He told me that he was using butane hash oil at 60 to 80% THC prior to getting locked up, and he hadn’t touched it since. Assuming he was being truthful, which I have no reason to doubt, that means that the THC stayed in his urine for well beyond what most people believe is possible.

Krokodil Dont Make PromisesKrokodil Dont Make PromisesKrokodil Dont Make PromisesKrokodil Dont Make Promises