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The original waxed jacket dates back to 1894, when John Barbour established a drapery in South Shields selling everything from boiler suits and painter’s jackets to underwear.

Reggie tapes an episode of his TV show in the mountains of Big Bear in order to recount the dramatic events from four years ago when Jeremy Richards (Mark Rowe) tried pushing him off a cliff to his death. Meanwhile, Prince Omar reveals his true motive for buying the Inquisitive Channel and a sexy Murder Time crew member offers the perfect solution for Wood and George when their actors are a no show for their porn shoot.

The first snowdrops have been seen in the West Country. They appear distinctly earlier nowadays than they used to, although it will be late January or February before the grand days when they start carpeting whole woods with their blossom, or flowing down damp valley sides and turning them completely white. These early flowers grow in small parties, often under the shelter of an overhanging tree in a garden, sometimes even coming up through a thin layer of snow. The flowers are out well before the long grey-green leaves have finished growing. The snowy-white bells nod and sway delicately, and if you lift one with your little finger and look inside it, you find a smaller bell sitting snugly there, with three wings just like the outer bell, and green, crescent-shaped marks on them.

John Barbour Its Tough To Be WhiteJohn Barbour Its Tough To Be WhiteJohn Barbour Its Tough To Be WhiteJohn Barbour Its Tough To Be White