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You might infer, then, that if you build a powerful brand, you will in turn be able to create a powerful marketing program. However, if you can't convince customers that your product is worthy of purchasing, no amount of advertising dollars, fancy packaging or public relations will help you achieve your sales goals. Therefore, successful branding programs begin with superior products and services, backed by excellent customer service that permeates an entire organization. Outline:

  1. The Importance of Branding
  2. When Should You Brand?
  3. Types of Brands
  4. What Goes Into a Brand?
  5. What's in a Name?
  6. Brand Positioning
  7. Building Brand Personality
  8. Strengthening Your Core Brand
  9. Creating an Online Identity
  10. Resources

Brand X Unorthodox BehaviourBrand X Unorthodox BehaviourBrand X Unorthodox BehaviourBrand X Unorthodox Behaviour