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Of course, Gould didn’t stand out just because he dared to be different; he also had phenomenal technique with preternaturally clear articulation, a gripping, unsentimental lyricism, and a captivating image. Biographer Peter Goddard (whose book  The Great Gould   came out in August) compares him to Elvis Presley, who “sang old bluesy songs, but you buy his attitude; Gould understood this.” For Page, Gould was like James Dean: “You watch him, and you get carried away. He was one of these real figures that affect a lot of people profoundly, and Glenn affected a lot of people who really didn’t know much about music.”

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This was astonishing praise from a musician many times the performing artist I am. I've often thought back that we were lucky to embody an ideal Gould held for years: the days of the live recital are numbered and will eventually be replaced with the recorded arts. In S-OB he found an example of music that could NOT be performed live (until recently), had to be experienced as a recording, and on top of that was not too bad. So we helped him prove his career-shifting thesis, and he helped us to gain acceptance among the snobbier of classical music intelligencia, via his "Imprimatur."

Interesting to note that there were something like 53 Bachs with musical talent, though none surpassed Johan Sebastian. Sadly the gene (genius) died out.
Being able to download all of what is listed is magnificent. Thanks to these king people.

Moreover, his ideas – like McLuhan’s – still resonate strongly today in the world of digital technology, which was in its infancy when he died. His postmodernist advocacy of open borders between the roles of composer, performer and listener, for instance, anticipated digital technologies (like the Internet) that democratize and decentralize the institutions of culture. There is no question that Gould, more than any other classical musician, would have understood and admired digital technology – and would have had fun playing with it.

Bach Glenn Gould Bach The Goldberg VariationsBach Glenn Gould Bach The Goldberg VariationsBach Glenn Gould Bach The Goldberg VariationsBach Glenn Gould Bach The Goldberg Variations