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Zecora makes an appearance in Filli Vanilli , helping Big McIntosh regain his voice. She also assists Fluttershy in making her voice like it was in Bridle Gossip in order for her to sing in Big McIntosh's place. She also appears in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2 amazed at seeing Twilight's new castle .

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The two Saddle Arabian ponies [2] in Magic Duel and Equestria Games strongly resemble horses, particularly the Arabian breed. Trouble Shoes , the largest designed pony in the television series, [3] resembles the Clydesdale breed of horse; a McColt family member shares Trouble Shoes' body design.

Perfect Zebras ZebraPerfect Zebras ZebraPerfect Zebras ZebraPerfect Zebras Zebra