Glenda collins its hard to believe it - The Powerful Rivalry of Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons.

1911 Edition of ‘Peter Pan’ This copy of . Barrie’s classic book is estimated at $50 – $100.
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

I would have it checked. It is unlikely to be the topamax, but you can have angle closure glaucoma induced from eye dilation. It is very rare ( maybe 1 in a quarter million if that high) but it does happen. That usually makes people very sick with nausea and vomiting but it would be very unlikely in 5 minutes. (While it seems bad, it is actually great to have angle closure induced by dilation because it serves as a diagnosis of a condition that will progress over time and allows the treatment of a potentially blinding condition). Sometimes dilation drops will last for 24+ hours. I only see that happen every few years but within a few days the eyes return to normal. A very few rare cases occur with people have unusual reactions to the drops. I have only seen one and fortunately it was a mildly intoxicating, pleasant experience for the individual. With a history of mental illness, depending on the type, it could make a diagnosis more difficult differentiating between a drug side effect and a psychological reaction. Best of luck.

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Prior to his death June 24 1919 former Mayor George Hall and Jonathan Childs Howard, public spirited citizens of Ogdensburg who had amassed fortunes of approximately a million dollars each out of the coal trade, conceived the idea of a fine public library for Ogdensburg on the site of the Rosseel mansion and agreed to give $50,000 each towards it. The proposition was submitted to the Ogdensburg common council in late December 1920 by the late George F Darrow as president of the library board and May 12 1921 that board was granted permission to construct the proposed library.

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Stan Carter , played by Timothy West , is the father of Shirley ( Linda Henry ) and Tina ( Luisa Bradshaw-White ), and the grandfather of Mick Carter ( Danny Dyer ), although Mick believes Stan to be his father. [9] He made his first screen appearance on 27 January 2014. The character and casting were announced on 12 December 2013, [9] when West commented, "I am excited to be joining EastEnders for the first time. Stan is a wonderful character and I look forward to seeing what is going to happen to him." [9] Stan is characterised as a retired Billingsgate fishmonger , who is "delighted" to be around his children again, as he has been lonely since his wife left him 30 years ago. [9] Stan has been billed as "opinionated and curmudgeonly", and having a manipulative side. [9] A spokesperson said, "Stan is no fluffy old man in a cardigan, and it won't be long before he starts manipulating the whole Carter clan from the comfort of his armchair." [10] On 5 October 2014 it was announced that West had decided to leave EastEnders . [11] On 19 February 2015, it was revealed that West had already filmed his final scenes, and he departed in the episode broadcast on 10 April 2015 when his character dies following his battle with terminal prostate cancer . [12]

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