Les four pladds gros poulet - Les Four Pladds Gros

Le Grau-du-Roi comes from the occitan word grau ( Latin gradus ), which refers to the opening of an ├ętang (shallow saline lake), or the watercourse from an etang into the sea. It is roughly equivalent to the usage of the English term bayou . Roi is the French word for King. Aigues-Mortes means literally 'dead water', aigues coming from the Latin aqua .

Gros Ventre type Gabares(as they were called) were build for ocean operations supplying the colonies. They were built between 1760 and 1770 with average capacity of 400 tons, they had a single deck with high length and breadth ratio, their armament usually consited of 4pd or 8pd guns. They were slower than warships however they were faster than most merchant vessels. Their travels to the west or east indieas lasted between four months and four years. Their high Length/Breadth ratio coupled with the heavy cargo they carried created a lot of hogging and fatigued the framing.

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