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Mind Control is a series of psychological practices that allow unscrupulous leaders to manipulate the people under them (read the Cultwatch site if you do not understand how Mind Control works). The cults are where you find Mind Control since those practices allow money, effort, and obedience to be easily extracted from cult followers. However, in our recent past, Mind Control practices made inroads into the Christian Church, and tremendous damage resulted. It all started three decades ago with six men – Derek Prince, Bob Mumford, Charles Simpson, Don Basham, Ern Baxter, and John Poole – who in the 1970s propagated a church government of delegated authority and covenant loyalty under their organization “Christian Growth Ministries”, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their teaching was known as the Shepherding or Discipling Movement and effectively acted as a Christian “wrapper” for Mind Control, giving these practices a veneer of biblical respectability. They taught a covenant love that evidenced devotion to God by submission to a man; shepherds ruling over sheep in a pyramid structure. Down through the pyramid went the orders, and up through the pyramid went the tithes. Some shepherds even started placing personal revelations (rhëma) on a par with Scripture. However the excesses of the movement soon became evident even to those who had started it. Derek Prince was the first to break away, repenting publicly in 1981, saying, “I feel as though I have offended the Lord Himself”, and “these particular emphases very easily lent themselves to an unhealthy submission resulting in perverse and unbiblical obedience to human leaders”. Over time we understand all of the other five men rejected the unbiblical monster they had created, and so the teaching disappeared from the Christian Church, doomed to be exiled forever to pseudo Christian cults like the International Church of Christ. Or so it seemed. Not many Christian leaders are students of recent church history and so some things that should not have been forgotten, were lost.

Ma’at is revered for bringing the end of chaos and giving structure into a world once ruled by darkness and disarray.  That is why pharaohs made sure to uphold her principles lest chaos return and destroy the world.  All rulers respected her but her most fervent followers included the Pharaohs Akhenaten and Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut even built a temple to her honor in Karnak near the precinct of Montu and named her throne Ma’atkare which literally translates into “justice is the soul of re”.

Ostrich Cult SkymningslandOstrich Cult SkymningslandOstrich Cult SkymningslandOstrich Cult Skymningsland