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Contrary to popular opinion, the end of the colonial age has marked the decline of Africa. Unable to cope with the responsibilities that come with independence, nascent African countries were immediately consumed by tribal warfare, becoming blood-stained wastelands almost overnight. The UN alternated between maintaining silence and applauding atrocities committed by the natives as birth pangs of statehood. USSR and China quickly got involved, providing warlords with arms in exchange for political allegiance. Unsurprisingly, African Whites became the first targets of black “freedom fighters”: Belgians in Zaire were massacred en masse before they could meaningfully react, and Portuguese settlers could muster only feeble resistance.

In addition to Weimar-era Germany proper , the Reich came to include areas with ethnic German populations such as Austria , the Sudetenland and the territory of Memel in the years leading up to the war.

The Subhumans Incorrect ThoughtsThe Subhumans Incorrect ThoughtsThe Subhumans Incorrect ThoughtsThe Subhumans Incorrect Thoughts