Legend death in the nursery - 1994 Urban Legend: Bizarre Death - Darwin Awards

As news broke of Spaulding's passing, shock, sadness, and a sense of loss descended across sectors, none more so than the local media fraternity.

Then concept of King Arthur never having died appears in the Black Book of Carmarthen of the mid to late 9th-century may well represent much older traditions. The poem is a record of the burial places of ancient heroes, named as belonging "to legend and folklore rather than to history". The notion of Arthur’s future return was widespread by the 12th-century , and it was recorded in Breton, Welsh and Cornish folk lore

Where did this celebrity death hoax originate? Viral Mugshot published the celebrity death hoax which reasserted a false claim that Jordan has passed from a heart attack. You can read it below.

Legend Death In The NurseryLegend Death In The NurseryLegend Death In The NurseryLegend Death In The Nursery